GalmisBarcodify - Customer Selector

Getting started

The app enables you to view & add customers to the POS cart by simply scanning a barcode or a QR code. It works on Shopify admin website; Shopify and Shopify POS mobile apps.

Quick demo

There are 3 different methods to add customers to the cart:

  1. "Auto-open camera and add customer" smart grid action. The action opens your mobile device's camera and adds the matching customer to the POS cart.

  2. The native "Add customer" POS action (only works with the auto-generated QR codes) using a 2nd barcode scanner.

  3. The default "Use barcodes to view & add customers to the POS cart" (app's website) smart grid action using a 2nd barcode scanner.

Common use cases

  • "I want QR codes to be automatically generated and shared with my customers" - QR codes can be emailed to your customers via Shopify notifications or embedded into the customer's account page. Learn more.
  • "My customers already own membership/loyalty cards with unique barcodes/QR codes. I want to add the barcodes/QR codes to the app."
    • If your customers use barcodes/QR codes with Shopify customer ID, customer name, phone number or email encoded inside; customer registration is not required.
    • Otherwise, associate a unique barcode or QR code with a customer. This step is only required once per customer.

How could I help?

Thank you for following the guide. If you have further questions or would like me to add some improvements, please do not hesitate to check the FAQs (you can submit a question there too), email me or submit a suggestion !